writing dates and times in English (Tip of the Week 33)

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Do you know how to write dates and times in English?

Take a look at the Tip of the Week 33 from Nick Ponter of PS Sprachenservice.

Also, please click on our PS-Elearning site for you to practice.


The British write the date in the same format as in German.

DD/MM/YYYY               6/5/2015            6 May 2015

The Americans write the month first.

MM/DD/YYYY               6/5/2015            June 5, 2015

Our tip is to write the date in full so there is no misunderstanding.

Spoken English:                        the sixth of May 2015

Written English:                        6 May 2015 / May 6, 2015


We can write times like this:

am = before midday                  pm = after midday         (note: we do not write o’clock or 7h)

7am / 07:30

7pm / 19:30

08:30am / 08:30

8:30pm / 20:30

Prepositions of Time

at – definite time

e.g. at 10am, at Easter, at the weekend

on – date, day of the week

e.g. on April 1st, on Tuesday

in – month, year  

e.g. in March, in 2015

no preposition

We don’t use a preposition with the following time expressions:

today                tomorrow                      yesterday                      last night                       next week


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