Tip of the Week 7 – 2017 – review

bits and bobs – small language tips to help 🙂

Tip of the Week 7 for 2017 is a review of the first six weeks.

Tip of the Week 1 – some & any

I have some pens on my desk.               Would you like some coffee?

I don’t have any pens on my desk.         Are there any good restaurants in Bielefeld?

Tip of the Week 2 – how much & how many

How much water do you have?

How many bottles do you have?

Tip of the Week 3 – who & which

The person who works in the Sales Department.

The machine which was delivered last week.

Tip of the Week 4 – if & when

If I get home on time, I will go out for dinner.  (It is not sure that I will get home on time.)

When I get home, I will go out for dinner. (This is what I will do and I am certain.)

Tip of the Week 5 – at/on/in

at – definite time                                      e.g. at 10am, at Easter, at the weekend.
on – day of the week or a date                e.g. on April 1st, on Tuesday
in – months & years                                e.g. in March, in 2003, in winter.

Tip of the Week 6 – since & for

I have lived in Germany since 2003.

I have lived in Germany for 14 years.


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