Tip of the Week 49 – 2017 – production

Tip of the Week 49 for 2017 is on production

Bits and bobs – small language tips to help 🙂

This is the fourteenth in our series on Business English.

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shop floor Fertigungsbereich
assembly Montage
assemble montieren
maintain warten
maintenance Wartung
repair reparieren
measuring room Messraum
measure messen
machining centre Bearbeitungszentrum
machine bearbeiten
mill fräsen
milling machine Fräsmaschine
grind schleifen
grinding machine Schleifmaschine
turn drehen
turning machine Drehmaschine
drill bohren
drilling machine Bohrmaschine
stamp stanzen
stamping machine Stanzmaschine
sheet metal Blech
plastic Kunstoff
injection moulding machine Spritzgussmaschine
tooling Werkzeug
wire Draht
hand tools Handwerkzeuge