Signal Words (Tip of the Week 45)

PS Sprachenservices’s Tip of the Week can help you with your English vocabulary learning.
Tip of the Week 45 looks at signal words.  If you have difficulty deciding which tense to use then signal words can help you.

present simple signal words

always (immer)
often (oft)
sometimes (manchmal)
not often (nicht oft)
never (nie)
do/does (Hilfsverben) – used in questions
do not/does not (Hilfsverben) – used in negative sentences

present continuous signal words

now (jetzt)
just (gerade)
right now (jetzt)
at the moment (im Moment)
today (heute)
this week/this month (diese Woche/dieser Monat)

present perfect signal words

ever (jemals)
before (jemals)
yet (schon) – in questions and negative sentences
already (schon) – in positive sentences
just (gerade eben)
for (seit) – duration, e.g. for three years
since (seit) – point in time, e.g. in 2013
has/have (Hilfsverben)

past simple signal words

last year/month (letztes Jahr/letzten Monat)
ago (vor)
for (für)
yesterday (gestern)
this morning (heute Morgen)
did (Hilfsverb) – used in questions
did not (Hilfsverb) – used in negative sentences


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