Tip of the Week 19 – 2017 – present perfect key words

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Tip of the Week 19 for 2017 is on present perfect key words

In English, we can speak in the past in two ways.  The recent past using the present perfect and the finished past using the past simple.

I have just written the report.             (present perfect – no time and recent)


I wrote the report yesterday.               (past simple – time indicator and finished)

The following words can help you when deciding to use the present perfect.

key words

ever = schon einmal (between the subject and verb and with questions)

before = schon einmal (at the end of the sentence)

just = gerade eben

already = schon/bereits

yet = schon/bereits (at the end of the sentence and with questions and negatives)

since = seit (for a point in time)

for = seit (for a time duration)