Welcome to your test

He's ___ office manager.
Is this report ___ ?
How can I contact you? ___ is your phone number?
''How old are you?'' – ''I ___ 35.''
___ you have a car?
My friend Louise ___ a lovely house.
My sister likes ___ new teacher very much.

My partner ___ in Bucharest.

My brother ___ German very well.

When he was young, my grandfather ___ for Swissair

I went out without ___ money.

___ is a new student in our group.

The General Manager ___ a presentation now.

My friend ___ us last month.

In 1964, the Beatles ___ to the US.

In the next 10 years people ___ more.

___ help me?

Isn’t there ___ coffee left?

Angela ___ have a baby next month.

I ___ to America.

The Internet ___ for many purposes.

I went to London ___ a presentation.

I knew that he ___ for somebody.

I knew that he ___ for somebody.

___ Gina last week?

She’s an old customer – I ___ years.

We met when we ___ in Germany.