Tip of the Week 51 – 2018 – All about Christmas

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Christmas in Britain

Colourfully decorated Christmas trees, joyous carols and festive lights  everywhere. 

Christmas in Britain is also celebrated lavishly every year, just like here in Germany.  The British like sending sparkling Christmas cards to relatives and friends in anticipation of Christmas, which are then hung up as garlands in rooms decorated with festive mistletoe, Christmas stars and trees.

A very special tradition in Britain is the singing of Christmas carols with songs like ’We wish you a merry Christmas’ sung from small groups in neighbourhoods, creating a festive Christmas atmosphere.  Just like here in Germany, the festive cheer increases with the daily opening of the doors on the advent calendar.  One advantage in Britain is that there are 25 doors as Christmas Day is celebrated one day later on the 25th.

Santa cannot be in two places at the same time!

The British do not receive their presents like us on Christmas Eve under the decorated Christmas trees, brought to us by gift the bearing Christkind or Santa Claus.  No, in Britain Father Christmas traditionally climbs secretly in the night down chimneys and fills Christmas stockings, hanging for every family member over the fire place.  On Christmas morning excited family members then find their stockings filled with all kinds of Christmas treats and small presents.

British people also like to spend a lot of time at Christmas with family and friends eating traditional festive food.  A glass of sherry as a starter with port and cheese marking the end of a festive menu of stuffed turkey, cranberry sauce, roast potatoes and Christmas pudding.  Christmas crackers filled with small colourful gifts are traditionally pulled between the courses.  The funny jokes and paper crowns found within further add to the good mood at the Christmas dinner table.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Nick Ponter and the PS Sprachenservice Team



24 December = Christmas Eve
25 December = Christmas Day
26 December = Boxing Day


eggnog = der Eierlikör
spiced wine = der Glühwein
gingerbread = der Lebkuchen
Christmas bread = der Stollen
Christmas pudding/plum pudding = Plumpudding
turkey = Truthahn


Father Christmas /Santa Claus = Weihnachtsmann
sled = Schlitten
reindeer = Rentier
chimney = Schornstein
Merry Christmas = Frohe Weihnachten
Christmas tree = Tannenbaum
to decorate = schmücken
tinsel = Lametta
mistletoe = Mistel
Christmas carol = Weihnachtslied
gift = Geschenk