Booking a flight (Tip of the Week 30)

Commercial airplane

I have been asked by some students to repeat some older Tips of the Week.  Here is a copy of Tip of the Week 8 which looks at the language of booking a flight – very relevant in the holiday period 🙂

Booking a Flight

address – Adresse
airline – Fluggesellschaft
baggage – Gepäck
booking reference – Buchungsnummer
confirm – bestätigen
confirmation – Bestätigung
date – Datum
date of birth – Geburtsdatum
date of departure – Abflugdatum
first name – Vorname
flight number – Flugnummer
fly – fliegen
flight – Flug
insure – versichern
insurance – Versicherung
method of payment – Zahlungsweise
passenger – Passagier
passport – Reisepass
payment – Zahlung
pay – bezahlen
post code – PLZ
reserve – reservieren
reservation – Reservierung
return flight – Rückflug
seat – Sitz
surname – Familienname


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