to kill two birds with one stone - english idioms

Idioms (Tip of the Week 23)

Here is the PS Sprachenservice Top ten list of idioms from Nick Ponter. Idioms can be fun to use but you also have to be careful.  You will find that some idioms have a direct equivalent  in German, in some …

apostrophe - english grammar

Possessives – using apostrophes (Tip of the Week 22)

The good news for you is that forming possessives in English is easy! All we need to do is to make the difference between the singular and plural. In spoken English you just add an ‚s‚ at the end of …

Technisches Englisch

Using Measurements in English (Tip of the Week 21)

Nick Ponter’s Tip of the Week 21 from PS Sprachenservice is all about the language of describing measurements in English. the measurements = Messung to measure – messen the measures – die Maßnahmen the height – die Höhe high – …

english food – Sprachreise

Chicken Curry Recipe (Tip of the Week 20)

This chicken curry tastes wonderful so give it a go! The recipe is enough for 6-8 people. In this recipe I have used chicken but you can use any other meat. Just remember you might only want to marinate chicken …

Off-Road Motorbiking

Calling all Motorbikers! (Tip of the Week 19)

English for motorbiking Are you interested in English with a difference? Why not think about having a fantastic experience at Scotland’s finest off road motorbike school in the heart of the Highlands with! You can visit the website here: …