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Verb + Preposition (Tip of the Week 18)

Do you often ask yourself which preposition to use after a verb? Is it ‚for‚, or is it ‚with‚ or even ‚about‚? Nick Ponter from PS Sprachenservice has made a small guide to help you. Read Nick Ponter’s Tip of …


Dealing with problems (Tip of the Week 17)

Nick Ponter from PS Sprachenservice has prepared Tip of the Week 17 about words used for dealing with problems. Remember to use our E-Learning site and you can also follow us on Facebook.   ‚Fehler‘ has three different translations in …

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Comparison of Adjectives (Tip of the Week 16)

We use adjectives to describe nouns, e.g. I have an expensive smart phone. We also use adjectives in the superlative and comparative forms to compare things. English is in this case not so simple and we have a few rules. …

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Words often used wrongly (Tip of the Week 15)

Do you know when to write ‚remember‘ or remind‘?  What about ‚difference‘ and different‘? Take a look at Tip of the Week 15 on often confused words from Nick Ponter of PS Sprachenservice. remember = sich erinnern remind (somebody) = …