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Passive Voice for Processes (Tip of the Week 14)

We use the active voice to describe what somebody does, e.g. Mr Smith takes the parts box to the production line every hour. (singular) subject = Mr Smith verb = takes object = the box (singular) / the boxes (plural) …

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Technical English Verbs (Tip of the Week 13)

Nick Ponter’s Tip of the Week 13 is a list of verbs used in technical English. adjust – verstellen/einstellen hold – halten secure – sichern tighten – fest machen drive in a screw – eine Schraube anziehen screw – schrauben …

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Vegetable Curry Recipe (Tip of the Week 12)

Vegetable Curry Recipe Nick Ponter from PS Sprachenservice explains how to make a simple but tasty vegetable curry. This vegetable curry recipe is easy to make and tastes fantastic. The recipe is enough for 6-8 people. You can serve it …

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Adverbs & Adjectives (Tip of the Week 11)

Do you know when to use ’normal’or ‚ normally‘ or even ‚good‘ or ‚well‘? This is the difference between an adverb and an adjective. Take a look at the YouTube video from PS Sprachenservice and also use the E-Learning site …

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Air Travel (Tip of the Week 10)

With Nick Ponter’s Tip of the Week 10 you can practice the vocabulary you need for air travel. Do you know what it means if somebody asks you, „Would you like an aisle seat?“ Click below to go to the …