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English spelling (Tip of the Week 9)

English can be a difficult language to spell because we don’t often write the words as we hear them. Here is PS Sprachenservice’s list of 40 often misspelt words. Try Nick Ponter’s Tip of the Week and see if you …

Konversationskurs Englisch, Englischkurs

Meetings (Tip of the Week 8)

Do you know your language of meetings? This is Nick’s Tip of the Week No. 8. Have a look at the vocabulary and then go to PS Sprachenservice’s E-Learning site to practice: absence Abwesenheit agenda Agenda any other business Verschiedenes …

Sprachkurse für Auszubildende, Englischkurse, Zusatzausbildung Englisch, Fremdsprachenqualifikation Englisch

Adverbs of Time (Tip of the Week 7)

If you are not sure which is the correct adverb of time to use (ever, just, yet, already etc.) then take a look at the latest Tip of the Week from PS Sprachenservice.

Difficult words (Tip of the Week 6)

Nick’s Tip of the Week will help you with the meaning, spelling and pronunciation of some difficult words in English.